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Brand Acceleration

While changing or implementing your brand identity you want to be in control during the entire process. Our brand consultants are happy to help you find practical solutions that make the process manageable and controllable. We advise you during the design process of your new brand identity and help you…


Mahna Mahnam | Consultancy are behavioural coaching, leadership and team development specialists. Over the past few years, the value of coaching has become increasingly accepted. Many Fortune 500 companies now have a better understanding of the role that coaching can play in fast-tracking leadership development and organizational growth. An organisational…


Choosing to purchase globally can be a daunting task. It is not something you can just dip your toe in to see how it feels. It requires a total shift in your company’s mind set. You have to jump in with both feet and be prepared to swim as soon…

About Mahna Mahnam

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Mahna Mahnam focuses from its dedicated, but fully integrated business units Brand Acceleration, Consultancy & Trade on improvement processes within the market segments; Marketing & Communications, Organizational Development and Sourcing & Trade.

Within this operational fields Mahna Mahnam has an excellent expertise on Linguistic and Cultural behaviour.

To achieve clear and profitable outcome Mahna Mahnam has developed his own business development model; “Mahna Mahmam do, do, do, do, do ♩♩♩ ♬ “, creating progress with a smile!


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